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As a person the most important things in my life are my family, my animals and my photography and creativity. These are the building blocks of me right down from my family foundations up. It is my love of these things and the values I hold that I bring to my photography business. I have also always had an intense work ethic and love nothing more than helping people.

My work ethic and commitment to providing the best service that I can is to thank for my achieving my Master Photographer qualification. I am the only UK photographer to hold qualifications in animal behaviour and welfare and hold the sought after title of Master Photographer. 

My family photography and portrait work is based upon the values that our families are worth celebrating whether that be the arrival of a newborn, their growing up and their development to the celebration of a first, second, third, or twenty-first birthday. It isn't possible to freeze these moments and enjoy them forever in reality but photography allows us to capture them and enjoy the memory of them visually forever. I love this. I love that we can enjoy a family generational portrait twenty years down the line and be able to see who resembles who and have a visual record of the relationships we share. 

My pet portrait work is my specialty because of my extensive experience working with and handling a huge variety of animals. I used to show and breed Cavalier King Charles spaniels with my mum and then went off to Harper Adams University to study animal behaviour and welfare. I have worked extensively with dogs having a pet care and dog training business both during and after my studies at Harper as well as working with cats, small mammals such as rabbits, ferrets and even a skunk! At Harper Adams I worked in the companion animal unit handling a variety of exotics including bearded dragons, chinese water dragons, geckos, iguanas and tortoises as well as working on the sheep unit of the farm. I had a long term care relationship with two characterful donkeys and have handled ponies both in the saddle and under my care. It is because of all of these years working with animals that I completely understand the variety of working relationships we have with animals from the family pet who we are devoted to as a member of our family to the show dog, the therapy dog and the working dog or the sporting horse or pet pony. It is our deep relationship with our animals that I aim to celebrate in my pet portraits and my in depth knowledge animal behaviour and welfare means that I have a catalogue of tricks up my sleeve the achieve the very best whilst always ensuring the welfare of your pet.

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