Just why did I become a photographer?

Watching Britain's Got Talent last night and listening to Colin Thackery sing, my attention was caught by the beautiful photograph of his wife, you must know the looked like it was taken circa 1940ish (posted below).

Well it was this image that triggered a whole series of emotions and memories of my Nan. My Grandad had a very similar styled photograph of my Nan on his dresser in his bedroom. She was young, smiling and completely oblivious of all that would come and how many people would love her and dote on her for the rest of her life.

The most important invaluable people in our lives are our families. My Nan taught me that through her absolute devotion to us and her collection of photograph albums. My Nan kept her photographs labelled and arranged with love in her dresser cabinet. They contained hundreds and hundreds of photographs of people who I knew and many that I didn't and would never know of if it hadn't been for those photographs.

Its not just those in my family that I sadly didn't get to meet that you come to know through their photographs but those who you see, know and love every day that you get to know a little bit more about through seeing photographs of them when they were younger. A great example of this would be how I know that my daughter looks like my mum when she was a little girl. The only way that I know this is absolutely true is because I have seen a photograph. Another example is that I know that my Nan and my Auntie were once party animals (quite literally) and that my Nan always had a mischievous streak. One of the reasons why I know this is because of a photograph of my Auntie on her 21st birthday in a red dress with a man dressed as a gorilla.

But building on our own knowledge of our family is not the only thing that photographs can do for you. Photographs can also remind us a little bit about who we are and where we have come from. I don't have many memories of my Auntie's wedding day (the one and only time that I have been a bridesmaid) but those that I do are brought to life through photographs that I have of the day. I see a photograph of three year old me holding a hula hoop decorated with lemon freesias and I am instantly reminded of the fresh smell of the freesias, the smell of the silk blue bridesmaid dress. Suddenly I am remembering a part of me that had been tucked away in my memory.

So here it is..... the reason why I became a photographer. I believe in people, families and love and I absolutely know above all else the value of memories. My Nan would go through her photographs regularly as in her old age she refused to forget anything or anyone from her life whom she had loved, laughed with and argued with. Photographs are our gifts to our future selves from our past lives (work that one out). They are precious, completely unrepeatable and full of emotion. So if like me you have a phone full of photographs please please please print some off! Don't leave your images to the will of the digital world as technology can fail and very often does. Don't lose these key life experiences as you can not rewind and do it the same again....nothing can be repeated in the same way!

So my business bit.......though strangely for me my photography could not be more at odds with my business! If I could afford to do so I would give the gift of family portraits, children's, newborn or pet portraiture to everyone and anyone for free. If money did not exist I would still be a photographer, I would still be made up of everything that I have mentioned above.

My family and children's portraiture services are a labour of love. We all treasure photographs of the moments that truly remind us who a person is, their character traits, their relationship with others. I love to get to know the families and children that walk through my studio doors and the only way to truly get to know people is to have a natter, lots of down to earth fun with absolutely no pressure to pose, perform or do anything that doesn't come naturally.


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